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Financial Wellness Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Monetary Wellness - Essay Example sted in a wide assortment of monetary instruments, for example, basic stocks, favored stock, corporate securities, treasury bills, and subsidiary instruments among different alternatives. Individuals can utilize accounts to get ready for their retirement (Cnn). A region of funds that I regularly experience difficulty with is planning. I generally attempt to make an individual spending plan of my costs each month, however it appears as though my own financial plans are consistently off. I generally wind up going through more cash than what my spending plan specifies. The utilization of programming, for example, exceed expectations or revive can assist individuals with dealing with their own spending plans better (Intuit). Monetary objectives are significant. â€Å"The initial phase in close to home money related arranging is controlling your everyday budgetary issues to empower you to do the things that brings you fulfillment and enjoyment† (Fowles). These objectives can be built up for the prompt, short, medium and long haul. Keen objectives are explicit, quantifiable, feasible, reasonable, and convenient (Topachievement). A prompt objective is to spare in any event $300 toward the month's end. A momentary objective is to buy another cell phone inside one to two months. A subsequent momentary objectives is to set aside cash to buy winter garments. A middle of the road objective is to build the estimation of my speculation portfolio by 10% toward the year's end. Another objective is to set aside cash for an up front installment on another home inside five years. A drawn out objective is to spare $250,000 by retirement

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The Value of Higher Education free essay sample

For some, singular understudies planning to move on from secondary school, pondering whether they should seek after an advanced education at a college or other learning organization is an issue that weighs vigorously on their psyches. It is a troublesome choice that relies upon a wide range of variables, for example, the individual’s individual objectives. A few understudies decide to go directly from secondary school straightforwardly into the workforce subsequent to graduating. Different understudies decide to go into the military subsequent to moving on from secondary school. While these are generally various choices, ongoing examination shows that advanced education is amazingly important. Late research shows that advanced education is very important. For, people whom went to a college and got at any rate a four-year bachelor’s qualification get more cash-flow on normal than individuals who have never gotten a college degree as per the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. In an examination led by the United States Bureau of Labor led in 2009, it was inferred that somebody with a four-year bachelor’s qualification makes on normal $20,748 more every year than somebody without the degree. We will compose a custom paper test on The Value of Higher Education or on the other hand any comparative subject explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page In a report done by the United States Census Bureau distributed in the â€Å"Current Population Report† by ?Jennifer Cheeseman Day and? Eric C. Newburger, it is assessed that secondary school graduates gain on normal $1.2 million over a mind-blowing span. It is additionally evaluated in the report that people with a single guys degree will acquire on normal $2.1 million aggregate all through their lifetime. As should be obvious, the realities show that getting an advanced education is worth more worth monetarily than preventing instruction in the wake of moving on from secondary school. Notwithstanding the high money related estimation of advanced education, advanced education additionally makes people significantly more clever than what they would be with only a secondary school instruction. The more wise an individual is, the better personal satisfaction they are probably going to have. In â€Å"Wechslers Measure and Appraisal of Adult Intelligence, fifth Edition† by Joseph D. Matarazzo, Matarazzo states that the normal (IQ) of a secondary school graduate is 105 focuses. He additionally expresses that the normal (IQ) of a school four-year graduate is 115 focuses. To cite Sociologist Linda Gottfredson of the University of Deleware, â€Å"IQ scores anticipate a more extensive scope of significant social results than maybe some other mental characteristic; splendid individuals have a tail wind in for all intents and purposes all parts of life.† What she implies by this statement is that the higher an individual’s IQ, the higher the personal satis faction that they will have. This is genuine on the grounds that those with higher insightful remainders have higher critical thinking capacities that connect to better life characteristics. In an Australian examination concentrated by Gottfredson, engine vehicle fatalities were considered, corresponding IQs with engine vehicle fatalities. In the investigation, there was an immediate relationship found between those with lower IQs, and higher passing rates per 10,000 individuals. Ian Deary of the University of Edinburgh, in the United Kingdom did another investigation that shows how those people with higher IQs have higher characteristics of life than those with lower IQs. For his investigation, he investigated the youth IQ scores of a gathering of multi year olds. In his investigation, he found that the individuals who scored the most noteworthy on their youth IQ tests were likewise the most beneficial at age 80. These investigations fill in as proof that having a higher IQ improves an incredible nature. Underg rads who graduate with in any event a Bachelor’s qualification have on normal higher IQs than those understudies who didn’t go to school, which implies that those understudies who do graduate school with a degree will have a superior personal satisfaction than the individuals who don’t. Another motivation behind why getting an advanced education is truly significant is on the grounds that it offers numerous new chances to understudies that they would be not able to get without having gone to a college. Most, if not all, colleges and other advanced education frameworks offer numerous exercises in which understudies will get the chance to meet numerous other new understudies. Numerous understudies will meet new companions who frequently become the absolute closest companions that they’ve ever had. There are additionally quite often sports, clubs, and different exercises to engage with that would be inaccessible to those not going to an advanced education framework. Numerous individuals take an interest on sports groups in secondary school, for example, football, baseball, field hockey, soccer, b-ball, wrestling, olympic style events, and softball, to give some examples. After they graduate secondary school they don't have numerous chances to take an interest in their preferred games until the end of time. Regardless of whether it is for serious purposes or only for pleasure purposes, colleges offer the chances to partake in a portion of their past most loved games, or trial with new ones. Another open door that understudies of advanced education frameworks have presentation to that the individuals who don't go to advanced education frameworks don't have as promptly accessible is the chance to concentrate abroad. Concentrating abroad methods taking instructive classes in a nation other than one’s own. Except if they are especially monetarily rich, most of the people that don't go to advanced education frameworks never get the chance to live in remote nations for the whole length of a semester. As indicated by a BBC news report, around 114,000 advanced education framework understudies concentrate abroad every year at colleges in outside nations. Concentrating abroad is an extraordinary open door for advanced education framework understudies to exploit. At the point when one examinations abroad, they find the opportunity to find out about another culture through direct understanding, they find the opportunity to figure out how to smoothly communicate in an unknown dialect by simply being presented to it for a while, and it is renowned to have on a resume. Creator W.E.B. DuBois among other effective VIPs concentrated abroad. He learned at the college of Berlin in Germany for a long time. Concentrating abroad is simply one more case of a way that advanced education frameworks give their understudies a bigger number of chances than the individuals who don't go to them. Advanced education frameworks can likewise be viewed as truly significant in light of the fact that they give people fundamental abilities that are basic to being effective throughout everyday life. While learning at an advanced education framework, one is compelled to create fundamental time the board aptitudes significantly more so than at the secondary school level. With time required for contemplating, going to classes, finishing schoolwork, unwinding, and doing fun things too, one needs to deal with their time so as to abstain from bombing out. These time the board abilities help out people later on throughout everyday life. Another significant fundamental ability that people who go to advanced education frameworks gain is cash the board aptitudes. Some advanced education framework understudies work low maintenance employments, however the larger part can't discover an opportunity to do as such on their homework, so the main cash they have for going through is either cash their folks provide for them, or cash that they set aside before setting off for college. In any case, most understudies are on close money related spending plans that expect control to keep up. Understudies figure out how to just burn through cash on things that they totally need, and to set aside up their cash instead of spending it at the same time. These cash the board aptitudes help the understudies further down the road. While going to an advanced education framework offers numerous positives, it additionally offers certain negatives. One negative is the way that advanced education schools are regularly pricey. Universities are costly, and it is hard for a great deal of families to bear to pay for, anyway this is anything but a valid justification for not joining in. In the event that one beginnings sufficiently early, they can set aside cash, investigate monetary associate chances, and apply for grant chances to help pay for their educational cost. It has just been demonstrated that the measure of cash that undergrads will make after graduation is a lot higher than the measure of cash the individuals who don't go to will make, so in the event that somebody can make forfeits so as to pay for school, at that point when they have a vocation some time or another they will make everything back in addition to additional. Another antagonistic to going directly to an advanced education framework is that individuals are getting later beginnings to their professions. A few people decide to work the lowest pay permitted by law employments, or accept other open doors like starting their own organizations. These choices are altogether decent, and some of the time do wind up making individuals huge entireties of cash, however the realities given to us by the United States Bureau of Labor show that by far most of the time this isn't the situation. Regardless of how enticing it might be to take a decent pay work directly after secondary school, it is in every case all the more monetarily gainfully to go to an advanced education framework. All in all, the proof gives us that going to advanced education frameworks is incredibly significant. One explanation that it is incredibly significant is that it offers numerous extraordinary money related advantages. Another explanation is that it makes people increasingly shrewd. The individuals who go to advanced education frameworks additionally have a bigger number of chances accessible to them than the individuals who don't go to them. Going to advanced education frameworks additionally show extraordinary aptitudes that are basic for being effective throughout everyday life. To put it plainly, advanced education frameworks are amazingly significant

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Things To Consider When Creating A Content Calendar for Behaviour Change

Things To Consider When Creating A Content Calendar for Behaviour Change Make Money Online Queries? Struggling To Get Traffic To Your Blog? Sign Up On (HBB) Forum Now!Things To Consider When Creating A Content Calendar for Behaviour ChangeUpdated On 21/06/2019Author : Ram kumarTopic : BusinessShort URL : CONNECT WITH HBB ON SOCIAL MEDIA Follow @HellBoundBlogAs the new year takes shape, it’s time to consider how a comprehensive content calendar can add value to your behaviour change marketing strategy. There are considerations to take under advisement when you are piecing together a content calendar, as the gravity of a behaviour change campaign holds greater substance than your typical product-based campaign. So before you put pen to paper and seal the fate of your campaign success, take into account these key considerations.Engage an expert agencyControlling the content plan for a behaviour change campaign is incredibly intricate, and is best left in the hands of the experts in that space.  Behaviour change by The Shannon Comp any  will ensure that your campaign is mastered from inception to delivery, and able to make the splash you intended. The Shannon Group have been behind some of Australia’s most influential behaviour change campaigns, responsible for assisting with the creation and implementation of movements such as ‘Respect Women Call It Out’ and ‘Worksafe Occupational Violence and Aggression Against Healthcare Workers.’ Behaviour change campaigns are not large in volume, which justifies the need for an experienced agency to manage the campaign end to end, saturating the market with the intended message.Define your desired outcomesA successful content calendar should always incorporate clearly defined outcomes, and dates in which these signposts must be achieved. For most marketing strategies, this is a straightforward process. When tackling a behaviour change content calendar, the waters are a little murkier on what success looks like with moving goalposts.According to the  United Nat ions Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, when influencing people’s attitudes and behavior there are cognitive variables that indicate influence and change. These indicators include: knowledge/awareness, sallency, attitudes, social norms, self efficacy, behavioural intentions, behaviour change, skills, environmental constraints and media framing. Depending on the nature of your behaviour change campaign, these variables will hold varying prominence.READ5 Essential Ways To Improve B2B Customer RetentionAnnual dates of importanceThroughout the year, there are days of awareness and importance that encourage the community to reflect and recognise growth and progress in that space. These days are a great opportunity to leverage your behaviour change message, and piggy-back on their relevance and publicity that is associated with the day. International Womens Day has been growing in awareness each year, with organisations choosing to propel their senior and junior fe male workforce, highlighting the initiatives they have in place to support. Plot these dates in your content calendar ahead of time so that you are able to ramp up to them, and fully capitalise on the surrounding exposure.Incorporate influencersInfluencers are a great channel you can use to diversify your content marketing plan, and will actually create content that you can also share on your platforms, or bank up for future activity. It also brings your campaign to life, adding a humanistic element to your message which gives your campaign more clout and a larger (and sometimes targeted or niche) audience.When choosing a brand ambassador  or influencer, it can be tempting to partner with an individual who is famous and known well. Although if that individual bears no relevance to your behaviour change cause, their reach and status will not necessarily translate to any success for your campaign.The right behaviour change agency will assist with the design and accountability of a rob ust content calendar. Define measurable outcomes, and make sure these are clearly understood by both parties (internal team and agency) with accountable dates attached. Aim to incorporate different channels to diversify your marketing mix so you are exposing your message to varied demographics.

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Analysis Of Grand Strategy Matrix. The Grand Strategy Matrix

Analysis of Grand Strategy Matrix The Grand Strategy Matrix is a newer tool used for formulating alternative strategies (David David, 2017). Similar to the BCG matrix, the Grand Strategy Matrix is places the business or the business divisions into one of four quadrants based on two evaluation dimension 1) competitive position on the x-axis and 2) market growth on the y-axis (David David, 2017). The franchise segment would be located in Quadrant II, which would indicate this segment should focus on market development, market penetration, product development, horizontal integration, divestiture, and liquidation. The other two segments would fall in Quadrant III, which is a much grimmer outlook and their strategies should focus on†¦show more content†¦In this case, the more attractive strategy is strategy 1. Analysis of Income Statement and Balance Sheet Performing an analysis of the company’s financial performance is beneficial to gauge performance, financial health, and future prospects of an organization. The income statement, balance sheet, and certain ratios are analyzed that give a variety of stakeholders valuable information to make decisions for or about the company or organization. There are certain financial ratios that give credit and equity investors, the government, the public, and management valuable information that will help make investment or strategic decisions for the company. Some of the key ratios are: liquidity ratio, profitability ratios, activity ratios, and leverage ratios. Based on the information provided, there are multiple concerns with the financial condition of Krispy Kreme Donuts. As reported on their 2015 consolidated statement of cash flow, they reported revenues of $383,984 for the year. After all expenses, they have reported a loss of $4,061 for the year. Their working capital amount (current assets – current liabilities) is only $39,190 and the debt-to-equity ratio (total liabilities/shareholder equity) is 2.375, which is quite concerning. TheShow MoreRelatedMgt 578 Simulation Reflection Paper1360 Words   |  6 PagesSimulation Reflection Paper Schiobhan Hopkins MGT 578 Ââ€" Strategy Formulation and Implementation Rodney Klein February 14, 2006 Thinking Strategically According to the Thinking Strategically simulation, Strategy, in business, is the combination of foresight, planning, and decision-making that prepares an enterprise to achieve long-term goals and manage the consequences of contemporary decisions. A lesson learned was that one needs to properly construct long-term objectives toRead MoreCase Study: the Brita Products Company Essay1111 Words   |  5 PagesCase Study: The Brita Products Company CASE SUMMARY Situation Analysis: In 1988 Charlie Couric, a marketing executive at Clorox, oversaw the acquisition by Clorox of the right to market Brita Water Purifier Pitchers in United States, and then became the President and General Manager of  Brita USA. He proposed a risky deficit-spending strategy to gain market with the goal of getting a Brita water pitcher on every kitchen countertop in the United States. As a result Brita USA incurred heavyRead MoreHerman Miller Case Study Essay1040 Words   |  5 Pages |They have cut to zero the capital expenditure in order to bring| | |the company to be as profitable as before. | 3. INDUSTRY AND COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS |Industry Macro-Environmental Characteristics |Industry Driving Forces | | | Read More Dell SWOT Essay example1704 Words   |  7 PagesDell INC Executive summary Is the dells direct model working? Last year, the company gave up the PC market share lead to Hewlett-Packard. Dell was the only top computer company to lose worldwide PC market share. This analysis identified Dells problems and provided strategic moves for the PC maker firm. Company Background The company was founded in 1984 by Michael Dell, now the company is one of the worlds largest suppliers of personal computers and related products. It designs, developsRead MoreSimulation Reflection1936 Words   |  8 Pagesreflection on three simulations as each relates to strategic planning. The first simulation, â€Å"Thinking Strategically,† highlights the importance of environmental scanning. The second simulation, â€Å"Developing Grand Strategies,† challenged decisions made for a company which lead to effective strategy formulation and choices. The third simulation, â€Å"Creating a Strategic Road Map,† provided a simulated experience of how to build a strategic roadmap focusing on the importance and effectiveness of formulatingRead MoreHotels Analysis3906 Words   |  16 PagesTable of Contents Introduction 5 External Environment Analysis 7 Internal Environment Analysis 10 Porter’s Five Forces 13 Tows Matrix 15 Overview of Financial Performance 16 Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Matrix 17 Competitive Profile Matrix 18 Strategy Formulation Methods of Development 19 Conclusion 20 Recommendations 21 Evaluation of Learning 22 Bibliography 23 Table of Figures Figure 1: Economic Survey-----------------------------------------------7 Figure 2: Visitor ArriRead MoreRevlon Inc. Case Study1671 Words   |  7 PagesBody Works, Body Shop, and Victoria’s Secret. 2). Analysis: After studying the case of Revlon Inc’ now we are going to analyze it that what type of strategy they need to follow in the coming years. The Revlon is in troubles in these days and therefore we are going to analyze the external and internal environments of Revlon first then we will suggest with the help of different tools and techniques an appropriate strategy for them. EFE Matrix for Revlon: Key External Factors. Opportunities: 1. TheRead MoreStrategic Management and Matrix13286 Words   |  54 PagesStrategy Analysis and Choice What s Ahead The Nature of Strategy Analysis and Choice The Process of Generating and Selecting Strategies A Comprehensive Strategy-Formulation Framework The Input Stage The Threats-Opportunities-Weaknesses-Strengths (TOWS) Matrix The Strategic Position and Action Evaluation (SPACE) Matrix The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Matrix The Internal-External (IE) Matrix The Grand Strategy Matrix The Decision Stage TheRead MoreAmerican Express Matrix Analysis1926 Words   |  8 PagesAmerican Express Matrix Analysis Business Policy – BUS 490 May, 23rd 2012 SWOT Matrix 1. SWOT matrix is an approach that is used to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities as well as the threats that are associated with all the activities of the organization. An organization should conduct a SWOT analysis strategy with an aim of ensuring that it meets all its set goals. More so they will be at a position of identifying their competitors with whom they operate same businessesRead MorePG Strategic Plan8305 Words   |  34 PagesEvaluation Matrix 8-13 Internal Forces Evaluation Matrix 13-18 Financial and Operational Analysis 18-21 Strategic Recommendations 21-31 The Grand Strategy Matrix 21-24 Internal-External Matrix 24-27 SWOT Matrix 27-28 Strategy Selections 29-31 Action Plan 31-32 Implementation Activities 31-32 Implementation Risks and Mitigation 32 Conclusion 33-34 Appendix A Strategic Assessment IFE Matrix i EFE Matrix ii Debt

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Social Welfare System in Hong Kong - 1819 Words

Question 1: Identify one type of the social welfare, discuss its services of Hong Kong and a)explain its values, rationales and objectives; b)ways of service delivery; c)discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the service and d)make suggestions to improve the services in future. CSSA—AN INTRODUCTION The comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme (CSSA) is surely one of the most influential social welfare in Hong Kong, in terms of money and beneficiary. In the fiscal year of 2010 alone, 19 billion was spent on CSSA, which increased noticeably by 40% as compared with the expenditure ten years ago. As at the end of 2009, total number of CSSA cases amounted to 289 139, representing an increase of†¦show more content†¦It seems that CSSA was able to fulfill the very basic philosophy of social security policy and social policy in general terms, which is residual or remedial. CSSA is somewhat a passive scheme as a rescue if the applicant himself, or his family failed to help. It is remedial because it functions only if you fall and will not prevent you from falling. This is of no doubt that CSSA can solve immediate issues, but not the root of it. In fact there are changes that CSSA can make to help better cope with this problem. Moreover, there is room of improvement of the efficiency of the scheme, as it has become more and more complex that something can be done to make it more efficient as a safety net. And as progress, it is vital that we look at the possible policy that can be adjusted to better cope with the situation as things do change over time. One of the major characteristics of CSSA is that it is a means tested scheme. In a nutshell, as long as the applicant meets the requirements, the applicants are entitled to get the benefits, as a matter of right. What they do is to assess the quantitative elements of the applicants, such as how many assets they have, how much they earn per month, the severity of his sickness, and treat them as fair as possible, without looking atShow MoreRelatedHow Hong Kong is Dealing with the Aging1094 Words   |  5 Pages(Census and Statistics Department, 2013), the ageing population is increasing as the life expectancy of Hong Kong people is being longer and birth rate is decreasing. Therefore, Hong Kong have already started kinds of policies and projects which are focusing on how to face the changes. The following contents are related with the concept the age-friendly and focus with the situation in Hong Kong. The essay is aimed at analyze with the features and barriers of age-friendly, as wel l as the suggestionRead MoreBasic Law in the Chinese Government780 Words   |  3 Pagescountry, two systems† is an important formula that symbolized the stage of socialist modernization of Chinese Government. The Basic Law is one of the products produced under such kind of ideology. According Article 11 in the Law; â€Å"the systems and policies practiced in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region including the social and economic systems, the system for safe-guarding the fundamental rights and freedoms of its residents, the executive, legislative and judicial systems and relevant policiesRead MoreThe Protest Of Hong Kong1630 Words   |  7 PagesAnother reason for the protest is the increasing dissatisfaction with the chief executive, Leung Chun-ying, who is very unpopular in Hong Kong. Nevertheless, unlike other politicians who are disliked by people because of his or her incapability of bringing positive changes, political theories that are either too aggressive or too conservative, or not following his or her original mind, Leung is condemned only because of his awkward position as a leader who is elected and supported by China beforeRead MoreThe Impact Of Immigration On Hong Kong Essay1970 Words   |  8 PagesEffect of Immigrants in Hong Kong Hong Kong is a big city. She has four hundred and twenty-six square mile, but seven million people live in there. Even though so many people in here, the government still allows one hundred and fifty immigrants from China to live in Hong Kong each day. The people continued coming, even after the immigration laws had relaxed. We will have more and more people to live Hong Kong. If we still have one hundred and fifty immigrants to come to Hong Kong every day, we willRead MoreComparative Social Policy3126 Words   |  13 PagesHong Kong and England have an inseparable relationship with each other. Starting from 1842 to 1997, Hong Kong was one of the colonies under British Empire. The 156 years relationship ended when United Kingdom transferred Hong Kong’s sovereignty to the China government on 1st July 1997. In this period, British government controlled Hong Kong Education and Housing policies but those policies are not as same as England. After the regime shifted to China, Hong Kong government had changed from the oldRead MoreHow to define the middle class?1109 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿How to define the middle class ? BY LI KUI-WAI Published: Mar 15 2013 8:50   Email  |   Print  |   Share Text Size    The definition of â€Å"middle class† has been debated recently in Hong Kong. One simplistic definition would be to take the median or average income and those who received the middle† level of income are the â€Å"middle class†. Such a definition is easy to understand in mathematical terms, but is naive and has a number of drawbacks. Firstly, how close the income level to the â€Å"middle†Read MoreComment on the Trend and the Size of Poverty in Hong Kong Society. to What Extent Do You Consider the Present Social Security System Would Be Effective to Alleviate Poverty in Hong Kong?3599 Words   |  15 Pages8. Comment on the trend and the size of poverty in Hong Kong society. To what extent do you consider the present Social Security system would be effective to alleviate poverty in Hong Kong? Introduction In such a cosmopolitan city as Hong Kong, it is not uncommon to see a number of affluent parents spending a large sum of money on their children, ranging from joining calligraphic class to extra physics tutorial lessons, and from buying the most updated mobile phones for them to sending themRead MoreCulture And The Meaning Of A Good Old Age1532 Words   |  7 PagesWill the future be good or bad to us in our old age? Does having a â€Å"good old age† depend on our culture and what part of the world we live in? In a study done by Project AGE, which was conducted between 1982 and 1988 in Africa, North America, Hong Kong, and Ireland. The reason for this project was to collect data on how different communities experience and view aging. The researchers used participant observation and interviews to collect personal data from participants. Investigators found thatRead MoreComment on the Trend and the Size of Poverty in Hong Kong Society. to What Extent Do You Consider the Present Social Security System Would Be Effective to Alleviate Poverty in Hong Kong?3592 Words   |  15 Pages8. Comment on the trend and the size of poverty in Hong Kong society. To what extent do you consider the present Social Security system would be effective to alleviate poverty in Hong Kong? Introduction In such a cosmopolitan city as Hong Kong, it is not uncommon to see a number of affluent parents spending a large sum of money on their children, ranging from joining calligraphic class to extra physics tutorial lessons, and from buying the most updated mobile phones for them to sending themRead MorePoverty, Social Security Minimum Wage3111 Words   |  13 PagesCritically examine the trend and size of poverty in Hong Kong society. Please assess the effectiveness of the present Social Security system and the Minimum wage in eradicating poverty in Hong Kong. Introduction Poverty has been a hot issue in Hong Kong for several years. Several policies developed form the Social Security system have been adopted by the government for soothing this problem, such as the CSSA scheme and the MPF fund. Nevertheless, it seems that the poverty problem is getting worse

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Chinese Take Out - Original Writing - 3740 Words

CHINESE TAKE-OUT While the kids were busy playing games on their new Xbox 360, I walked to the back of the cabin to order the solitary book on Dylan’s reading list that I didn’t own. After Lynn moved out I realized there was no need for the queen size bed and decided to downsize to a twin size murphy bed. I called Normanskill Self Storage on Delaware Avenue in Albany. They sent a two man moving crew with a van to break the bed down and remove it from the cabin. They delivered the bed and a few other boxed items to their storehouse where I had rented a 200 foot square climate control unit. I thought about giving the bed away but by storing it I could easily move it back to the cabin in case it is needed in the future. By downsizing I was†¦show more content†¦This small one person operation has a storefront facade shaped in the likeness of a barn. I know if I stepped into the front door of this establishment the boys wouldn’t be able to pry me away for at least an hour. On ce inside the shopper realizes that the store has a terrific variety of genres of manuscripts. In short, everything you could ever want in terms of stock could be found at the Book Barn. Sometimes you have to dig and pick through large boxes and bins to find something you are interested in purchasing, but for the most part the shelves are cataloged in library style and easy to search. The prices are not the best I ve ever seen but they are reasonable. The owner, Caleb Spencer, is picky in terms of the condition of the books he acquires for resale because they are in tip top shape. It s hard to say at this point how often the stock turns over, but I have barely made a dent in browsing through the thousands of volumes. Caleb informs me he doesn t acquire books from individuals and has accumulated his stock in part by buying out 17 other stores over the years. Since I have spent hundreds of dollars there over the past 15 years, Caleb would order any book for me for the lowest cost po ssible. But saving time at this point overrides saving money. As for Mykle, his school does not assign a summer reading list but they request the parents get involved in their children’s educations.Show MoreRelatedMarco Polos Influence On The World1637 Words   |  7 Pageshistorians to diligently compare the book, Chinese sources and any other sources found from the time period to verify the legitimacy of the book. Dr. Ulrich has recently uncovered some very convincing details that Marco Polo really was in China. Evidence of this is that Polo’s book gives extensive descriptions about Mongol Chinese monetary conditions, salt production, papermaking, and governmental structure. (Cohen, 2012) Prior to Marco Polo’s writings, there were no descriptions of these thingsRead MoreMao Duns Style And Influence Of Modern Chinese Literature1141 Words   |  5 Pagesart† (pp. 1), and often considered the greatest Chinese writer of the 20th century. However, in this arises a problem – he was also the one to innovate and define what modern Chinese writing is – without him, there would be nothing to compare to, no standard by which those who wanted to examine modern Chinese writing could do so. He is the founding father (so to speak) of modern Chinese literature, the one who defined it all – so who is to say that Chinese literature did not â€Å"[climax] where it started†Read MoreChin The Four Noble Truths1353 Words   |  6 PagesBefore this new way of life could take hold, however, the Chinese people had to learn the teachings of Buddha, such as the first sermon preached by Buddha in the fifth century B.C.E., known as â€Å"The Four Noble T ruths.† Although Buddhism eventually became popular throughout China, there was opposition to the new beliefs and Chinese people struggled with replacing their old beliefs, such as Confucianism and Taoism, with this new, strange belief system. In response, Chinese scholars, including Zhi Dun andRead MoreThe First Camera On The World Was Invented By Alexander Wolcott1103 Words   |  5 Pageslaw enforcement. For example, pictures chalked on the gate of suspect’s house may serve as alibi. However, â€Å"with current technology, people can easily manipulate (â€Å"manipulate† is underlined twice as topic-specific vocabulary) pictures.†(In-class writing, Oct.18.2016) People start to learn that a photograph can be carefully staged to express certain opinions, thus we lost trust on photography and instead begin to evaluate pictures. Court also create different laws to check the admissibility of digitalRead MoreHeirloom Seal of the Realm1050 Words   |  5 P agesabout the early Chinese emperors and monarchies. This stamp was made during the Qin dynasty when Shi Huangdi was ruling. Although the different purposes and significances of using seals have evolved over time, during the Qin Dynasty, it was said to have political and supernatural importance. The early Chinese government was strictly bureaucratic, consisting of an elite group of officials who served the First Emperor. Every measurable aspect of daily life, such as money, writing, and even axelRead MoreChallenges of Genre for EFL Teachers662 Words   |  3 Pagescommunity. Therefore, how to explain which genre to teach by school teacher to the students? So, this has become a problem/challenge for EFL teachers to teach genre as researchers from New Rhetoric Studies argue that genre cannot be taught. They point out that genres are so changeable and so context-dependent that it makes no sense to teach them outside of that particular context. (Millar, 2011) Moreover, a basic set of general school genre has been introduced to counter that teaching genre is as importantRead MoreHow Paper has revolutionized the World1574 Words   |  7 PagesIn 2nd Century BC, when papermaking was first invented, the Chinese inventors created an object as light as a feather that contains more power than all the armies of the world. Paper has unquestionably been a force that has revolutionized the world. While it is universally accepted that paper has been a liberating force for society it has also been a medium that has led to misfortune for many people. Like a double-edged sword; paper can acts as a vehicle for sharing and a catalyst for great changeRead MoreComparison Between American And Chinese Higher Education1624 Words   |  7 PagesA Comparison between American and Chinese Higher Education in the 21th Century Abstract: Higher education plays an important role in the development of a country.However,different countries have different system of higher education.We will research the commons and differences of higher education between China and America.It not only puts forward the differences of the higher education system between China and America,but also analyze the social environment,schools and teachers resources and attitudeRead MoreAesthetic Differences Between Chinese and Western Poetry1726 Words   |  7 PagesAesthetic differences between Chinese and Western Poetry —critics on Xu Yuanchong’s Chinese poetry translation 1 Introduction Nowadays in China, there are mainly two kinds of different opinions on translating classical Chinese poems. On one side, Xu Yuanzhong, as a representativeï ¼Å'hold that classical Chinese poems should be translated in the form of poems(rhymed verse translation). Xu Yuanzhong put forward the Theory of Three Beauties and the Theory of Rivalry. On the other side, scholars such asRead MoreSummary Of The Chinese Inclusion Act Of 18821496 Words   |  6 PagesThe Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 Summary The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 was a nativist act passed by people who were afraid of a Chinese dominated workforce and the resulting backlash. The white people thought of the Chinese as lesser people to themselves. This is inherently obvious based on published works that depict racist stereotypes of Chinese immigrants who conspire together to make sure that all jobs are held by the Chinese. Large amounts of white people were willing to act in a hostile

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Quantity Analysis Regression and Correlation Parameters

Question: Describe about the Quantity Analysis for Regression and Correlation Parameters. Answer: 1. The scatter plot of the age of the cars and the advertised prices is given below: Figure 1: scatter plot of the age of the cars and the advertised prices (Source: created by author) The association between the variables age and price of a used Corolla was found to be -0.945346303. There was a negative association between two variables. With the increase in the age it was seen that there is a decrease in the price of a used Corolla. The strength of association between these two variables was found to be strong as the value was found to be 0.945346303 (Cohen et al., 2013). It is seen that the linear model is appropriate as the cost of assets usually decreases as the age of the asset increases. The relationship between the age of the car and the price of the car also follows this same theory and it was seen that there exists a strong negative relationship between the two variables. The correlation between age and price was found to be -0.945346303. The value of r square between the variables age and price of a used Corolla was found to be 0.894. This shows that the data is 89.4% closely fitted to the regression line (Al-Rawwash Pourahmadi, 2013). It can also be interpreted that the model is a good fit model of the data. R square, known as the coefficient of determination, measures that how close the data is fitted to the regression line. The model does not explain 100% variability of the price of a used Corolla because the value of r square was found to be 0.894. The price of the car had decreased heavily from the 3rd year to 4th This heavy decrease in the price in one year had made the value of r square as 89.4% and the model do not explain the 100% variability of the price of a used Corolla. The slope of the line is -924. The meaning of the slope of the line being -924 depicts that the predicted price of the car would decrease by -924 on increases in one unit f age of the car. The value of y-intercept is 12319.6, which depicts that in absence of the factor age of the car, the predicted price of the car would be $12319.6. If a person wishes to sell a 7 years old car, the appropriate price of the car would be $5851.6. iii. Residuals are defined as the difference between the observed value and predicted value (Lauda?ski, 2013). It is better to buy a car which has the observed value less than the predicted value. This shows that it is better to buy the car that has negative residual. The price of a 10 year old car is predicted to be 12319.6 924 * 10 = $3079.6. It is observed that the price of the car is $1500. The residual of the car is $1500 - $3079.6 = -$1579.6. The regression model cannot be used to establish a fair price for a 20 year old car because the value that is predicted for the car in next 20 years is found to be negative (Barr et al., 2013). This negative value is not possible as the price of the car cannot be negative at any point of time. 2. The Tennant Creek Towns daily water demand was found to be normally distributed with mean 5ml and standard deviation 1.25ml. In order to estimate the number of days in a year where the daily consumptions are as follows: 50% of mean = 0.5 * 5 = 2.5ml. The value of X = 5 + 2.5 = 7.5ml. The z-score with mean 5 and standard deviation 1.25 is (7.5 5)/ 1.25 = 2. The probability if X being 50% or more than the mean is given by P( X 7.5) = P(Z 2) = 1 P( Z 2) = 0.02275 (Struben et al., 2015). The number of days where daily consumption is 50% or more greater than the mean value is given by 0.2275 * 365 = 8.303 = 8 days. Two standard deviation of means are the lower bounds and upper bounds The lower bound is denoted as mean 2(standard deviation) = 5 2(1.25) = 2.5ml. The upper bound is denoted as mean + 2(standard deviation) = 5 + 2(1.25) = 7.5ml. The z-score of lower bound is (2.5 5) / 1.25 = -2. The z-score of upper bound is (7.5 5) / 1.25 = 2. The probability that the value of X lies between two standard deviation is P (2.5 X 7.5) = P (-2 Z 2) = P (Z 2) P (Z -2) = 0.97725 0.02275 = 0.9545. The number of days which lies within two standard deviation of the mean = 0.9545 * 365 = 348.39 = 348 days 25% of the area denotes the first quartile. The number of days corresponding where daily consumption is below the first quartile of demand is 0.25 * 365 = 91.25 days= 91 days. The z-score for 95% distribution of data is found to be 1.645 from the table of normal distribution (Kisbu-Sakarya et al., 2014). The corresponding value of X when the mean is 5ml and the standard deviation is 1.25 ml is given by 1.645 = (X 5) / 1.25 Or, X = (1.645 * 1.25) + 5 Or, X = 2.05625 + 5 = 7.05625 ml. Therefore, the water supply authority should set their capacity at the level of 7.05625 ml in order to save money. 3. A random sample of 25 evening calls is selected at0.05 level of significance. The mean of the sample is 17.2 and the variance of the sample is 4. The null hypothesis and the alternative hypothesis of the problem is as follows: H0: the average length of the evening long distance telephone call is equal to 18.1. H1: the average length of the evening long distance telephone call is not equal to 18.1. The critical value of the test at 0.05 level of significance and 24 degrees of freedom is 0.063 (Efron, 2012). The null hypothesis of the test would be rejected if the p value of the test is less than 0.05; i.e. if the test is statistically significant. The value of the test statistics of the test is (17.2 18.1) / (2/sqrt (25)) = (-0.9) * 5/ 2 = -2.25. The p value of the test at 24 degrees of freedom is 0.0339. The p value of the test is less than 0.05; which shows that the test is significant (Koch, 2013). This leads to the rejection of null hypothesis and it can be interpreted that the average length of the evening long distance telephone call is equal to 18.1. References Al-Rawwash, M., Pourahmadi, M. (2013). Gaussian estimation of regression and correlation parameters in longitudinal data.Journal of the Association of Arab Universities for Basic and Applied Sciences,13(1), 28-34. Barr, D. J., Levy, R., Scheepers, C., Tily, H. J. (2013). Random effects structure for confirmatory hypothesis testing: Keep it maximal.Journal of memory and language,68(3), 255-278. Cohen, J., Cohen, P., West, S. G., Aiken, L. S. (2013).Applied multiple regression/correlation analysis for the behavioral sciences. Routledge. Efron, B. (2012). Large-scale simultaneous hypothesis testing.Journal of the American Statistical Association. Kisbu-Sakarya, Y., MacKinnon, D. P., Mio?evi?, M. (2014). The distribution of the product explains normal theory mediation confidence interval estimation.Multivariate behavioral research,49(3), 261-268. Koch, K. R. (2013).Parameter estimation and hypothesis testing in linear models. Springer Science Business Media. Lauda?ski, L. M. (2013). Regression versus Correlation. InBetween Certainty and Uncertainty(pp. 67-85). Springer Berlin Heidelberg. Struben, J., Sterman, J., Keith, D. (2015). Parameter and confidence interval estimation in dynamic models: maximum likelihood and bootstrapping methods.Analytical Handbook for Dynamic Modelers.